Our ‘The Rajasthani-Indian Society of Ireland’ is one of the social and ethnic community organisations in Republic of Ireland. Our society is a non-political, non-religious and non-profitable organisation. It was established on the Sunday, 18th March 2008 in a ‘general get-together event’ in Swords, Co. Dublin, which was called by the key persons of the ‘Rajasthani-Indian Community’ in Ireland.

The majority members of our ‘Rajasthani-Indian Community’ had voiced similar concerns about the limited opportunities for them and their family members to socialise, to practice their own social / cultural values and traditions while living in Ireland. The people from background of Rajasthan (India) are well known for their rich social values and customs. A combination of geography, history and lifestyle of the people makes the culture of Rajasthan a unique and so very distinct from others. The unique culture of Rajasthan (India) is characterised by its languages, art, folk dances, dresses, typical traditions and festivals. Our Community members have wished to keep own cultural identity by preserving and practicing our better social and cultural values, customs and traditions while residing in Ireland.

Since the foundation of our society, we have organised a number of social and family get-together, picnic and festival celebration events. Due to our clear missions and objects, we had received an ongoing recognition / support from a number of local organisations such as: The Embassy of India, the Fingal County Council, the Fingal Ethnic Network, the New Communities Partnership, Institute of United Culture and other similar social and ethnic community organisations. Although we have our own resources and potentials, but we take all opportunities to liaise, to coordinate with other similar organisations for common interest and to accomplish our mission and objects. Currently, our Society is an unregistered but we are working towards getting recognition as a friendly /charitable society from the concerned authorities in the Republic of Ireland and abroad.

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