The membership of our society is open for all persons irrespective of their nationality, religion, and race. A person of age 18 years or above can seek a membership of our society.

Currently, we have three types of membership:

a. Full financial or ordinary membership: A full financial membership is mainly comprised for those individuals who:
(i) born and grown up in State of Rajasthan (India)
(ii) and / or have any kind of family, social, cultural affiliation and background from State of Rajasthan (India),
(iii) are currently legally living in Island of Ireland and
(iv) pay annual subscription or retention amount for the active full financial membership of the Society.

b. Associate Membership: This type of membership open for such a person who:
(i) voluntarily wants to become an associate member of our society and /or
(ii) is not eligible for a full financial or ordinary membership and
(iii) who want to support in achieving our mission and objects.

c. Honorary membership: This kind of membership only open for such a person with high profile to whom our The Executive Committee / General body may think fit so to invite irrespective of his /her nationality and cultural background whether he / she is from State of the Rajasthan (India) or not and whether he / she currently reside in Ireland or not.

Only our full financial members are allowed to exercise their vote in YES /NO manner to pass any resolution in Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the Society and they are only eligible to contest as elected member of the Executive Committee.

How to Join Us:

A membership of our Society can be obtained by contacting personally to any member of our Executive Committee or by sending an email with your contact details on our Society’s official website A candidate or his /her proxy can make an application (in prescribed form) for membership (in prescribed form) to the General secretary along with prescribed membership registration fee and /or annual subscription.
All contribution /due subscription money can be paid in cash or through a bank-draft or cheque payable in the name of The Rajasthani-Indian Society of Ireland or through transfer of money directly /online into our Society’s Bank Account No. 95709409, N.S.C 90-07-03, IBAN: IE39BOFI90070395709409

A receipt of payment will be issued to the candidate as soon as possible by the Treasurer of our Society. The Executive Committee’s decision regarding membership shall be final whether a candidate should be eligible to admittance or not.

Fee & Annual Subscription

The registration fee for full financial membership until the ‘AGM’ shall otherwise determine shall be the sum of € 5.00 per member.
The annual subscription for full financial membership until the ‘AGM’ shall otherwise determine shall be the sum of:
€ 25.00 – per family per annum
€10.00 – For single or a student (over 18 years of age) per annum
The associate member only pays €15.00 for life membership.
The honorary member has been exempted from payment of registration and annual subscriptions.

Other Terms & Conditions

For a new full financial member the annual subscription can be made within two months of his / her acceptance of valid application-registration for membership. If a new full financial member has joined the Society after October 31st in a calendar year then he / she will be permitted to pay next year annual subscription or contribution.
The record of annual subscription shall be maintained by the Treasurer of the Society.
If a full financial member shall fail to pay his /her annual subscription next after it has become due, a written notice shall be sent to him by the Treasurer /General Secretary calling his /her attention thereto.
If a full financial member shall fail to pay his annual subscription or contribution in two consecutive financial years then his /her name may be removed from the active list of full financial members and his /her name may be placed into list of associate members with and from the decision made by the Executive Committee. The candidate will be notified within a timeframe about the Committee’s decision by the General Secretary / Treasurer.
If at any time he /she gave a satisfactory explanation to the Executive Committee, then he /she may, in the discretion of the Executive Committee and upon payment of arrears, be re-admitted to membership without payment of any entrance fee.