our mission

We ‘Rajasthani-Indian Society of Ireland’ collectively strive to preserve and to promote the better social and cultural values, customs and traditions of Rajasthan and India while residing in Ireland.

We provide a platform and facilitate our members for better socialisation, communication and harmony, and friendly relations.

We foster our community people and others to come together for social, cultural and recreational amusements by inviting them in social and family get-together, picnic and festival celebration events from time to time.

We provide information / educational services about our social values, traditions and culture of India in general and State of Rajasthan in particular to our potential members and to others those are associated or affiliated with us.

We may hold exhibitions and other events either alone or in conjunction with others for the promotion of culture of Rajasthan (India) on the entire Island of Ireland and on the globe.

We may provide best possible social, emotional, and financial support to our member and /or his /her family member(s) in crisis situation (i.e. sickness, death) and other emergencies.

We also help our core members for better integration into the local Irish community while keeping own identity, dignity, social and cultural values of Rajasthan (India).

We may request and encourage our members and other volunteers to contribute towards the social welfare of an individual, group or community who is socially or economically deprived in the Republic of Ireland or abroad.

We may request and encourage our members to provide a possible humanitarian aid / support in situations like natural disasters (i.e. earthquake, flood, storm or thunder etc).

We may provide a secure advice and advocacy and legal representation in the interest of an individual or our member if it is essential to do so.

We may facilitate training for our members as leaders to lead our society or other community organisation in Ireland.

We raise awareness and understanding about individual or organisational discrimination on the ground of ethnic norms.

We may undertake or take participation in a research activity if necessary and may disseminate the results of such research activity.

We may engage with other organization and community group who generally articulate views of immigrant ethnic and minority communities or may defend for their rights in Ireland.

We may co-operate and enter into an arrangement or contract with any authorities (national, local or otherwise) to obtain from such authorities any rights and privileges.

We may help in prevention of social exclusion and human terrorist’s activities.

We may help in prevention of anti-social activities, alcohol and illicit drug abuse.